4 Tricks of Point of Purchase Display to Boost Sales

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4 Tricks of Point of Purchase Display to Boost Sales


Do you know that the global Point of Purchase Display (POP) market is expected to expand by 5.9% from 2018 to 2026 [1]?

One of the most significant powers of mastering Point of Purchase Display marketing is, you can increase your sales at the retail store or any exhibition event by MULTIPLE TIMES without greatly increasing your budget.

How is this possible?

First, let us dive deeper into the meaning of Point of Purchase Display.

What is Point of Purchase Display (POP)?

The point of purchase display (POP) is the area where retailers and marketers carry out their promotional activities surrounding the products they sell.

POP is one of the best marketing tools to create brand awareness, to improve aesthetics, and engage with your consumers.

Here are the 4 TRICKS to master POP marketing, just exclusive for you!

Be Eye-Catching, Be Creative

Do keep in mind, the visitors of any retail store or event exhibition will be swept up easily in the sea of omnichannel brands. Thus, creative POP is something that can attract them at first glance, interact with your brand, and eventually made a purchase!

Based on what Mark Marth, the CEO of Color Edge advised, adding bright/ vivid colour, mixing suitable textures and materials, and most importantly, LIGHTING is the crucial part to make your point of purchase display stands out.

Using creative and well-lit lighting combined with pops of light will draw the consumers’ eyes and make them remember your brand.

Not Just Displaying!

Interactive displays are increasingly popular as it provides an opportunity for consumers to learn more about your products. Always find ways to interact with shoppers is the key to boost sales.

For example, you can attach a tablet to one of the POP and invite shoppers to take a quiz. The quiz will then generate product recommendations based on what the shoppers answer.

Here is an example of how Sephora displaying their POP with a tablet for ‘Hair Care Finder’ quiz at their US retail store.

This is a good way to connect with the consumers and will create a tailor-made experience for them. Eventually, they will be more likely to make a purchase decision.

Educate Using your Point of Purchase Display

What is the point if your display never bring any values to your brand as well as the consumers?

Set up your displays wisely to deliver the unique value of your brand. You may use any logos or slogans in associating with the key selling points or information to educate the consumers.

This is very important to display informative content on your point of purchase display to lead consumers to the right direction, especially when there are various items in one POP.

Tell Your Brand Story

Research shows that people are more likely to buy from a company whose story can create a great resonance with them.

Stories are more impactful and memorable than any other usual promotional words.

Study has confirmed EMOTION drives decisions, the same goes to consumer purchasing decisions. Create a story that people remember. The outcome will definitely surprise you.

Key Takeaways to Boost Sales Like Crazy:

Point of purchase displays that are outstanding, engaging, and able to bring out brand values are far more effective in boosting sales than the regular ones.

Grab the chance to master this powerful marketing tool or else you are one step behind your competitors.

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