5 Tips on How to Plan a Successful Exhibition Event

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5 Tips on How to Plan a Successful Exhibition Event

5 Tips on how to plan a successful exhibition event- Creative Digest International

Conducting an exhibition event is one of the most effective marketing strategies of companies and businesses. An exhibition event is especially essential when the business is launching a new product line or service package.

Conducting one isn’t as complicated as you imagine, especially if your company has experience partnered with an experienced exhibition planner or fabricator.

However, planning any event involves juggling a lot of moving parts. Thus, you need to spare a few minutes on this blog to get an idea of how to plan a successful exhibition event that could bring leads and sales.

What Considers As a ‘Successful’ Exhibition Event?

A successful exhibition event is highly depending on the goal and target. Be it increasing brand awareness, generate leads or sales, and more.

For example, an exhibition event that successfully attracts many attendees doesn’t mean it is a successful one if the goal is to generate sales.

Thus, you can’t simply define an event’s success or failure without seeing the marketing goal.

5 Tips on Planning a Successful Exhibition Event

TIP 1: Clearly Define Your Marketing Goals

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Every event has its own purpose and target. So, setting up a target is essential as a key metric to measure the success of your event.

Thus, you and your management team must devise and agree on a clear event goal before taking to the road.

Develop an event marketing plan is an excellent way to achieve and measure your goal. You can list all the solutions and approaches in detail based on your specific marketing goals. Also, you can map the layout of your exhibition event as a part of the plan.

Also, ensure your goals are measurable. If getting at least 1000 sales leads, for example, is your goal, the event can be customized to help you capture relevant details from your attendees.

TIP 2: Justify Your Exhibition Event Strategy and Harnessing the Data Insights

Before going further for strategies development, there are few questions that you should consider:

  • Who is your target audience for the exhibition event?
  • What kind of theme and content is suitable for the target attendees?
  • Where should you organize the exhibition event?
  • How would an event roadshow impact your marketing goals?

Aligned with the considerations above, you should also be aware of seasonal school holidays, public holidays, and special cultural holidays. The time and date to conduct your event will affect the availability and accessibility of the suppliers, venues, services, and so on.

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Data insights speak the most, and data analysis could lead to a better decision. So, marketers should always compare your past attendee data to your targeted list of accounts in developing the upcoming event strategies.

This kind of event data will give you a clearer understanding of your past event attendees’ demography. Also, those data will present clear insights into whether or not the past event resonates with your target audience and anything you can do better in the upcoming events.

TIP 3: Team up with Exhibition Event Planning Experts

All the above efforts can be overwhelming for busy marketers. Thus, outsourcing or team up with experienced experts is one of the best ways to ease the burdens and ensure the event’s success.

An experienced exhibition event production company can assist you throughout the entire planning process, exhibition booth set up, and even booth dismantle. They can also ensure a desirable outcome by utilizing their resources and experience.

Your team can also take advantage of their advice, experience, and skills to help you reach your marketing goals.

You can read our previous blog about selecting the best exhibition booth fabricator to have a bigger picture on it.

TIP 4: Decide on which Marketing Approaches to Promote Your Upcoming Event

Based on Encore, event planners should always take advantage of the technology to maximize engagement and ROI. This includes developing an event app, promoting using suitable social media platforms, and also live streaming. All these approaches can help you to amplify the reach, engage with the target audience, and use it for marketing and sales in the future.

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To achieve this, a great event booth design could help. You can brilliantly showcase your company’s creativity by replacing some old-school displays with interactive technology such as virtual reality (VR) at your exhibition booth. Utilizing technology can take your visitors to an immersive experience.

It does not have to be complex, which can be as simple as a 360˚ video to give a tour of your building or anything you want to display. This is a compelling and unique idea in Malaysia yet needs not to have a huge budget.

TIP 5: Conduct It Creatively!

Creativity is specifically crucial for marketers in the same large trade show with hundreds of other exhibitors. Attendees of a large exhibition event are flooded by different messages and brands of varying exhibition booths.

Thus, to generate leads and converts at any exhibit space, you first have to grab the attention of the attendees. If your event booth design is distinctive, you could make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Creating unique and compelling experiences is key to a successful event. This is because to let people remember and be attracted to your exhibition, you need to have a unique yet relevant theme on the first hand.

Also, engaging well with your attendees by using tactics like gifts in exchange for surveys and fun games are some of the great ways. People remember experiences where their senses have been engaged. 

Creative Digest- Your Successful Event Partner with >15 Years of Experience

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  • booth design ideas,
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We Plan Exhibition Event that Help to Express your Brand’s DNA

We will study and conduct in-depth analysis of the company’s unique selling points and their brand’s superiority and history. We professionally help the companies to emphasize their uniqueness to the largest extend.

Utilizing our creativity and experience, we have helped our customers succeeded in many exhibitions, fairs, or campaigns.

For example, our renowned client Sedunia had attracted significant sales beyond their expectation at a holiday fair! Besides, HP had thanked us for creating a fantastic booth that marked a breakthrough for their Neon Dinner 2019.

One-Stop Solutions: In-house Expertise and Facilities

We have our own factories in Penang with all the edge-cutting tools and machinery that support our works. We carry out the carpentry, installation, and warehousing works on site.

Also, we coordinate throughout the process from beginning to end to ensure we deliver superlative products and services. In this, we refrain from outsourcing our work to subcontractors or third-party service providers.

Wrapping Up

You should always clear about your marketing goals before you measure its outcomes.

There are five valuabletips on planning a successful exhibition event, which includes:

  • Clearly Define Your Marketing Goals
  • Justify Your Event Strategy and Harnessing the Data Insights
  • Team up with exhibition event planning experts
  • Decide on which marketing approaches to promote your upcoming event, and
  • Conduct it creatively

Thus, if you are looking for a professional exhibition event planner in Malaysia, kindly drop us your inquiry. We will respond to every inquiry promptly. We provide you nothing but the best services!