Best Door Gift Supplier in Malaysia For Christmas

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November 19, 2020
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Best Door Gift Supplier in Malaysia For Christmas


The arrival of December means it’s Christmas season to welcome Santa Claus again. Most corporates might actively look for the best door gift supplier in Malaysia for their employees.

There might be various corporate events or office Christmas parties that celebrate by all superiors and co-workers during this festive season. Thus, a creative premium door gift is your best choice to inject more fun into this festival as well as engage with your employees.

A Bigger Picture About Door Gifts

Door Gifts or many people say as goody bags are the welcoming gifts given to participants in a conference, event, store opening, store opening, or even a seminar.

There are three important purposes for giving the guests door gifts for any events and parties:

a) Welcoming and appreciation purpose to the people for attending
b) Company Branding
c) Inform of new services/ products

The door gift market in Malaysia is growing steadily as the demand is increasing every year. A door gift could be said as an essential element on every occasion, regardless of wedding dinner, corporate appreciation night, Christmas parties, and more.

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Recall back to the good old time when there were only a few choices for door gifts, such as chocolate, which make the receiver bored and everything was in expectation. However, the choices of door gifts nowadays are said to be overwhelming as the variety has increased and become more stylish.

Let the Employees Know Their Hard Work Matters

Except for event welcoming purpose, Christmas door gift is also a good way to show your gratitude to your employees for their whole year’s hard work. We knew that it is a big trouble when it comes to Christmas door gifts, as you are now selecting presents for all the employees in the company.

Let us dig deeper for some useful tips in selecting great corporate door gifts for Christmas.

Questions You Need to Ask While Choosing Your Corporate Gifts

Is It Customizable?

Predictability is a big no-no for any gifting occasions. Something that is personalized instead of generic ones is definitely a better choice to grab the receiver’s heart.

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You can personalize the door gifts from company logo, color, festival wishes, even to the receiver’s name. This kind of customized gift is exclusive and memorable enough to make your employees feel special.

There are plenty of personalized gift ideas that we are not going to running out of the list. they might be customized planners, t-shirts, lighters, watches, cutlery sets, and many more.

Also, customization is a vital element for door gifts that ensure everything works well within your budget and can please your guests. Choose wisely for which you think is suitable for most of your employees.

Is the Gift Practical to be Used in Daily Life?

You can never go wrong sticking to functionality when comes to choosing corporate door gifts. Instead of only emphasized the appearance of the gifts, you should also choose something useful for the receivers.

The door gift will lose its meaning if they will be left aside covering in dust after the company event. Instead of the boring and typical mugs, key chain or pens, you may purchase something different, such as a thumb drive, name card cases, luggage tag, and many more.

Can it Fulfill Your Festival’s Theme?

Every event got its own theme, and we will just discuss about Christmas-related themes here.

With the setting of special and interesting themes, this can get your employees more into the Christmas spirit.

There are various Christmas themes out there, such as Candyland and white Christmas. If your corporate’s management decided to go with White Christmas, let say, then your door gift could be something related to white colours, snowflakes, etc.

We Are Your Best Choice of Door Gift Supplier in Malaysia


If you are still in two minds about choosing the right door gifts for your corporate Christmas event, Creative Digest International will be the best choice for you. This is because we will always listen to your requirement and provide the most professional advice and ideas to suit your needs.

Regardless of a tight budget or high-end version purchasing, we always ensure you get the best deal that is worth paying for. With more than 15 years of experience, we are a leading door gift supplier in Malaysia to provide you the best door gifts in town.

One-Stop Solution for Your Corporate Door Gifts

We have vast experience as a corporate door gift supplier in Malaysia that always fulfills your requirements. In addition, we have direct production support from factories in mainland China, that’s why we are able to stand out in terms of effectiveness, pricing, designs, and product varieties.


At Creative Digest International Sdn Bhd, we never failed in listening and understanding your need, help you to find great corporate door gift ideas, create memorable and practical gifts with the most competitive price in town.

A plus point is, you would never find a better flexible and customized option than what we provide, which allow you to personalize your door gifts, at any type, in any design, exceeding your expectations!

Key Takeaways Before You Go:

The giving of corporate door gift during joyful festivals especially Christmas is definitely a great practice for a healthier corporate culture. It’s the time of a year for corporates to express your appreciation to your valuable employees.

There are 3 important elements to take into account before deciding to go with the door gifts, and customizable will always stand in the first place. Do bear in mind, their functionality and relevancy to the theme are also equally important.

If you are looking for a door gift supplier in Malaysia, kindly drop us your inquiry and we will respond to it promptly. We are your preferred one-stop door gift supplier in Malaysia that only provides you the best!