How to Choose the Right Printing and Packaging for A Product?

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How to Choose the Right Printing and Packaging for A Product?

Printing and Packaging- Creative Digest International

It is crucial to choose the right printing and packaging for a product. This is because the right packaging with high-quality printing has become one of the most important marketing elements that every marketer is greatly prioritizing.

Albeit what’s on the inside that counts, good packaging can do a lot for your products that you will be surprised.

Good packaging is the very first image that represents your brand or product. It can grab people’s attention and serve as a critical distinction between you and your competitors. For advertising materials such as brochures and banners, sharp and vivid colour printing is crucial to express your marketing voice.

What is Packaging?

Printing and Packaging Importance- Creative Digest International

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Based on Your Article Library, packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for warehousing, end-use, sales, and transport.

A package is to protect, preserve and transport the products, which can be business, institutional, industrial, and personal use.

Packaging may entail marking, blocking, cushioning, sealing, strapping, weatherproofing, wrapping and more.

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Why Is Good Packaging Matters?

Your product packaging has a few fundamental elements, including design, shape, materials, colours, to name a few. All these elements will communicate about your brand through the right packaging.

Represent Your brand’s voice and values.

Branding represent your brand- Creative Digest International

You can express your brand’s DNA using the imprinted company’s logo with creative copies on the packages that people could remember. Also, you may use the representative colour of your brand on the products’ packaging.

It is essential to build brand recognition for marketing through the few elements stated above.

Stand out from the crowd

Creativity is too important to let you stay unique in the sea of competitors’ brands. Your products’ packaging should always give a sense of unprecedented. At the same time, it is still important to stay its practicability to meet your business goal.

Creative packaging that stand out from the crowd- Creative Digest International

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You should always avoid using designs that have a strong association with similar products. 

Influence buying decisions

Well-designed packaging can also influence consumer purchasing behaviour. Study shows that 72% of consumers say that the way a product is packaged affects their purchasing decision. Even more, 81% of them agreed that packaging design could influence their gift selection.

How to Choose Packaging That Suits You Best?

You have to make some decisions upfront before you can select the best packaging for your product. The questions below could help to narrow down your options and clarify what direction you should go in.

What are the products and your goal?

This is the most important part before you proceed to further steps. You must first identify all your product characteristics and what you want to achieve with that product packaging.

For example, your product is a USB thumb drive, and your business goal is to target those looking for corporate premium gifts. Thus, metal tin casing is the best choice of product packaging as it can give good protection and a sense of luxury.

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The packaging material

There is an extensive range of materials to choose when it comes to packaging materials.

You can always go for the paper, metal tins or plastic route, depending on your brand’s style and the product itself. However, it would help if you always keep in mind that consumers prefer paper packaging.

paper-based packaging material- Creative Digest International

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Based on a study, 68% of consumers said they are more likely to choose a product in a paper or cardboard package than a plastic package. Meanwhile, there are 63% of consumers said paper packaging makes a product seem more high-quality.

Your material packaging options are endless, but you need to determine which will prove to be the best match for your products distribution and the overall weight.

Who is your target customer?

This is one of the biggest and hardest areas you need to define when coming up with your packaging plan.

From the materials, fonts, colours, and design, each aspect of your packaging needs to be optimized for the intended audience.

Look at the trendsetters in your field. Also, you have to spend time researching what will make the biggest impact on your key demographics. After that, you can incorporate your findings into your final design.


When coming up with a spending limit, the budget depends on two factors:

Stick on the budget before you decide which packaging and printing to go- Creative Digest International

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1. The design process. As an example, paying your designer to create the design

2. The cost of the packaging materials.

No matter how beautiful or unique an idea may sound, it would be best if you first make sure the finished products’ cost does not exceed your budget.

Why Is Printing Important to Your Business?

We have already got a bigger picture of the importance of packaging in marketing strategy for your business. However, a superlative packaging is nothing without high-quality printing as well.

Despite the digitalize marketing landscape these years, printing is still a fundamental part of the business. Not only about the clear logo or clear label printing on the packaging, but also other marketing materials such as posters, banner, and brochure.

High-quality printing and packaging- Creative Digest International

High-quality and creative printing gives you another advertising opportunity that allows you to:

  • CONNECT with local prospects or on a face-to-face basis. It is one of the best ways to grab customers’ attention quickly and promote to the existing customers to repurchase.
  • In terms of ACCESSIBILITY, people can read it whenever and wherever.
  • Posters, brochures, and other print-based marketing are designed to be long lasting and highly DURABLE as well.

Your Products Need A Printing and Packaging Expert to Stand Out

Creative Digest International Sdn Bhd could turn your packaging into your proud brand ambassador.

Professional and Skilled workers

With more than 15 years of experience, we always put our customers’ requirements in the first place. As an expert in product knowledge, we never failed to provide a professional one-stop solution for our clients. We turn your desires into reality.

Fast and Reliable

We run everything on passion from attention-grabbing concepts to enhance supply chain deliveries in a time-effective manner. We want to create packaging that protects not only your products but also your brand.


Customized packaging design- Creative Digest International

All our packaging solutions and designs can be completely customized to fit both your product and your brand.  We will fine-tune your preferred design to perfection at no additional cost.

Superlative quality with Reasonable price

We have strict quality control on every piece of your product package and printing materials—premium quality, with the town’s friendliest price.

Packaging Types That You Can Find Here:

  • Plastic injection moulding casing
Plastic injection moulding- Creative Digest International

Injection moulding is a cutting-edge technology for finished production on a massive scale. It is also useful for finalized prototypes for consumers and product testing. 

  • Paper-based materials
paper box mockup- Creative Digest International
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This is an eco-friendlier packaging option compared to plastics one. At the same time, paper-based materials can give a sense of minimalist that many customers like.

  • Clear PVC and PP boxes

Clear PVC and PP boxes are lightweight and very convenient to handle during packaging, loading, and unloading.

  • Wooden boxes
wooden box- Creative Digest International

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Special designed wooden boxes are suitable for shipping in bulk and heavy machinery to ensure maximum protection.

  • Metal tin casing

Customized metal tin casing is the best suit for small products packaging. Its noble-looking characteristic is suitable for corporate premium gifting.

Creative Digest Unique Printing Techniques and Types:

Our printing services are including but not limited to banners, posters, brochures, and packaging that fulfil all your needs.

Unique printing techniques and types-Creative Digest International

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At here, we provide almost all kinds of high-quality custom printing services that you can surely find the one that matches your requirement:

  • PVC flag lines
  • Bunting and banners
  • PVC with foil effects
  • PVC boxes
  • All kinds of inkjets printing
  • All kinds of offset printing

Wrapping Up:

Ultimately, product printing and packaging are all about marketing. Regardless of how well your products work, consumers might not pick it up if they do not find the package attractive. Also, it is crucial to ensure clear printing on the packages to display your products’ information.

The way you choose your packaging will help consumers differentiate between yours and other similar products. This will assist you in building brand recognition over time.