How to Select the Best Exhibition Booth Fabricator?

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How to Select the Best Exhibition Booth Fabricator?

How to select the best Exhibition Booth Fabricator?

We discussed the importance of great event booth design in the previous blog, which could have extensive benefits for your business’s marketing success. Thus, selecting a professional exhibition booth fabricator has become crucial for marketers to ensure an event’s success.

Working with an experienced and professional exhibition booth fabricator is essential to save marketers’ hassle and focus on other marketing planning.

So, this article provides some valuable tips and knowledge about the exhibition booth and selecting the right partner for your event.

What Is Exhibition Booth Fabrication?

What is an exhibition booth fabricator- Creative Digest International

Event booth fabrication is the process or procedure of designing, manufacturing, constructing, and installing the exhibition booth. Meanwhile, an exhibition booth fabricator/ contractor is a team of experts who can manage all the event stall services.

How to search for the best exhibition booth fabricator/ contractor

Almost everything can be found online in this digitalized era at our fingertips. Thus, marketers can always find the event fabricator and contractor through the Internet.

Searching Through the Internet

Marketers may study the exhibition booth fabricator’s services by surfing their websites, social media profiles, and even through directories such as Google My Business.

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By studying their websites or any related online presence, you understand their company history, experiences, testimonials, and customer reviews. This helps marketers to evaluate and choose the most suitable fabricator.


Also, marketers can approach the fabricators through a referral who has previous experience working with the fabricator. This method is more credible in searching for a trustable exhibition booth contractor or fabricator.

Essential Factors to Look for Before Deciding Your Exhibition Booth Fabricator

Here comes the central part of the article, in which we will cover the important elements to be considered before you decide which fabricator you want to work with.


Experience in the field is the key to a successful marketing event. An experienced fabricator can cater to customers’ specific needs, have a high standard of professionalism, and can solve unexpected issues that arise during the process.

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Also, fabricators with extensive experience in constructing event booths should know how to empower the exhibitors to connect with their clients and visitors. Genuinely unique event booths can improve:

  • the brand’s image,
  • increase traffic at the exhibition booths: and
  • improve conversion.

Product knowledge

A successful exhibition booth might contain a wide range of displays, graphic signage, landmasses, furniture, and lighting, to name a few. Thus, covering a wide area of product knowledge is a must for any professional event booth fabricator.

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Great product knowledge could help the fabricator choose the most suitable and budgeted materials for different event booth structures. Be it as customized, modular, and permanent types.


Every brand tells a different story. Thus, an exhibition fabricator that provides customization options is a preferable choice.

An event booth that could be modified based on your brand and organization’s image can convey your brand story outwardly. A wide range of customization options such as the material of displays, booth sizes, lighting types, and more could make your stall stand out.


Still, budget is the key indicator to decide how your exhibition will be going. In-depth communication about your financial marketing plan and the objectives is a must before choosing which fabricator company services you should go for.

Is the Service Provided Cause You Trouble Or Save You The Hassle?

Is the Service Provided Cause You Trouble Or Save You The Hassle?- Creative Digest International

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Many event booth fabricators provide one-stop solutions to their clients to save them the hassle. So, you might have fewer headache moments if the fabricator can cover most of the services and solutions throughout the whole process.

From providing detailed planning and ideas, exhibition booth design, installation, and construction, a professional contractor should get your back in helping you achieve your event goal.

Creative Digest- Your Favorite Exhibition Booth Fabricator in Malaysia

Creative Digest International- your preferred exhibition booth fabricator Malaysia

With more than 15 years of experience, Creative Digest International Sdn Bhd could turn your exhibition, event, and roadshow booth into your proud brand ambassador.

Professional planning before fabrication

Creative Digest never failed to follow professional approaches towards every exhibition booth project. Once a project is confirmed, a detailed plan is made from start to finish to ensure everything is on track. Our one-stop solutions including:

  • booth design ideas,
  • booth fabrication,
  • graphics printing,
  • pre-show setup; and
  • logistics.

Customization is the key to build a unique trade booth that makes people remember. Thus, our services are highly customizable to fit our client’s specific requirements, with the most affordable prices in town.

Experiences in handling different trade shows

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Utilizing our creativity and experience, we have helped our customers succeeded in many exhibitions, fairs, or campaigns.

For example, our renowned client Sedunia had attracted significant sales beyond their expectation at a holiday fair! Besides, HP had thanked us for creating a fantastic booth that marked a breakthrough for their Neon Dinner 2019.

In-house Expertise and Facilities

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Unlike other contractors, we have our factories in Penang with all the edge-cutting tools and machinery that support our works. We carry out the carpentry, installation, and warehousing works on site.

Also, we coordinate throughout the process from beginning to end to ensure we deliver superlative products and services. In this, we refrain from outsourcing our work to subcontractors or third-party service providers.

Great Testimonials That Give You Confidence

Creative Digest International testimonial

We have worked regularly and gained success with various multinational companies. Such as Shell, British American Tobacco, HSBC, Carlsberg, DIGI, Panasonic, and much more. That’s why we have extensive experience in all kinds of situations that might be encountered in an event.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right exhibition booth fabricator could lessen your burden in making your event a successful one. They are few essential factors to look for before you decide on your booth fabricator, such as:

  • Experience of the service provider
  • Their product knowledge
  • Customization options
  • Your marketing budget; and
  • Do they provide one-stop solutions?

Thus, if you are looking for a professional exhibition booth fabricator in Malaysia, kindly drop us your inquiry. We will respond to every inquiry promptly. We provide you nothing but the best services!