A lot of customers in and out of your store but did not make a purchase? You don't want to lose the potential customers that are already in your store to buy something. How to get them to interact and eventually buy your products? The answer lies in Point of Purchase Display!

As we have mentioned in our blog about POP display tricks to boost sales, the pop display Malaysia market is the one that you should not ignore.

What is Point Of Purchase Display?

Point of purchase (POP) also known as the point of sales material. They are printed materials, or digital counter display put nearby the advertised items.They designed for marketing campaigns that focus on attract in-store customers' attention.

Albeit POP displays and point-of-sale (POS) displays are similar, but they have a fundamental difference: their location.POP displays are often placed within the places where customers make purchasing decisions. Meanwhile, POS displays are placed where customers buy products, such as the cash register.

POP displays aimed to promote a product by attracting attention. POS displays are more suitable at encouraging consumers to make impulse purchases.

Powers of POP Displays

One of the most significant powers of mastering Point of Purchase Display marketing is increasing your sales at the retail store or any exhibition event by MULTIPLE TIMES without significantly increasing your budget.

POP is one of the best cost-effective marketing tools to create brand awareness, improve aesthetics, and engage with your consumers.Store visitors are easily overwhelmed by the sea of products with various brands. In this, point of purchase displays plays a vital role in drawing attention to specific merchandise.

How POP Displays Work

The packaging alone, no matter how catchy or visually appealing, is often too small to impact a customer. That’s where your point of purchase display come in.

Using immense and more attractive mediums to accompany your product increases the chance that a buyer will notice it.By effectively reaching customers within the store, you can increase your sales without greatly increasing your budget.

POP displays can be as simple as a sign or as a larger display standee.

We Are Supplier of POP standee display Malaysia

Creative Digest International Sdn Bhd is a well-known corporate gift, POP, event booth design and manufacturing company with 15 years of experience.We have a myriad of point of purchase display that suits your needs. Our display stand ranging from free-standing displays to shelf talkers and kent's frames.

Also, we provide a flexible option that allows you to customize your own display. You can get our high quality products at any type, in any design, with high quality. We provide full services based on your expectations.

Standee is one of our popular items due to its flexibility in placement and design. Our displays incorporate the product's gist in the design and provide plenty of space for attention-grabbing benefits. Plus, such displays provide the added opportunity to display your product in high-traffic areas without the need for additional shelf space.

Check out some of our clients with whom we have worked together in achieving successful promotional activities. Still be in two minds searching for point of purchase display Malaysia? We are always your best choice!

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